API Hata Yanıtları

Bu, API'den gelen tüm hata yanıtlarının bir listesidir.

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Hata ayıklama yapabilmeniz için Son zamanlardaki API hataları hesabınız sayfasında listelenmiştir.

HTTP StatüsüHata KoduHata Mesajı
status code message
503 -3Workers overloaded. Additional workers are being spawned - they should be online in a couple of minutes.
503 -10Internal timeout, please try again
401 1001Couldn't find the API Id specified: '[apiId]'
401 1002Sorry, that API Key has been disabled
401 1003Your account has been suspended due to abuse. Contact admin@vectorizer.ai to have it reinstated.
401 1004The provided API Secret is incorrect
400 1005Missing image parameter
400 1016Missing image file parameter, but it's present as a string parameter. Be sure to read the image file when uploading, and not just submitting the filename.
400 1006Failed to read the supplied image.
402 1008Sorry, you need to have an API subscription to process production or preview images. Please either sign up for an API subscription or use 'mode=test'. Note that if you're already signed up for a subscription, then it's a regular subscription without API access. See https://vectorizer.ai/pricing
402 1010Sorry, your subscription is past due. Please update your payment method to continue using the service.
402 1011Sorry, you're out of credits. Please upgrade your subscription or renew your plan early.
413 1012Image byte size too large, max: 31,457,280 bytes
413 1013Sorry, the supplied image is 100,000,000 pixels, max is 33,554,432 pixels, which gets shrunk to 3,145,828 pixels (or your supplied maxPixels) - please pre-shrink your images to the latter size before uploading.
429 1015Slow down, see https://vectorizer.ai/api#rate-limiting for how to handle this situation.
429 1017After preparing your API submission for processing, there wasn't enough time left to start the vectorization. This can be caused either by an extremely slow image.url fetch, and/or our servers being severely overloaded. If you did use the image.url parameter, then please ensure your image host is fast and reliable, then try again. If you did not use the image.url parameter, then please try again in 60 seconds.
400 1019API parameter error: . Parameters received:
400 1020The URL provided did not return a 200 OK status code
400 1021The URL provided did not return an image content type
400 1022There was an exception fetching the URL provided. IllegalArgument: 'Example', URL: 'https://example.com'
400 1022There was an exception parsing the URL provided: 'https://example.com'
400 1023Sorry, the supplied parameters would produce in a 100.0 megapixel PNG result, which exceeds the max of 40.0.
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